Popular Keynotes

Saddle Up for Legendary Service

Saddle Up! for a laughter-filled learning event that is part customer service keynote, part pep rally, and part cattle drive! Enjoy “campfire tales” about precious customer service and life lessons Jeri Mae learned as the third generation of her family’s world-famous saddle making business in Idaho.

Get inspired to:

  • Serve with an Attitude of Gratitude
  • Reach for Your Best
  • Ride for the Brand
  • Be Legendary

“The conference attendees left your session laughing, smiling and singing your praises!”

“Hats Off to You!” Stress Buster

You work so hard. You are committed to serving others. But, how well do you take care of yourself? Hats Off to You! Stress Buster is designed to help you examine your effectiveness, enhance cooperation, increase overall productivity and services. This keynote is filled with laughter, interaction, introspection and fun. Designed to help busy folks, like you!

Get ready to bust your stress by:

• Taking Care of Number One (That’s you!)
• Tackling Day-timer Triage’ (For the Truly Overloaded)
• Discovering Ideal Stress Recovery (Use what works for you.)
• Be Happy. Feel “Gifted!”

“Jeri Mae is very expressive and fun. I’m a counselor and she’s as good as a year of therapy!”

Life Lessons from the Saddle Shop

One day a conference organizer, who had invited me to speak at several events, said: “We just want to hear about your family’s saddle shop.” And so I rounded up about a dozen stories.

I am honored to share the stories of my Idaho hometown and our family. Practical, hard-working, “good people,” running a family-owned business in a small town where customers, and competitors, are our friends.

It’s a glimpse at a country, small-town life that city folks haven’t experienced; yet long to hear about. And tales those who grew up in rural America are nostalgic for.

“Your experiences of being raised in a successful family-owned and operated business, the challenges you faced, the values you learned, and the interpersonal skills acquired, come across in such a genuine, sincere, forthcoming manner that makes others immediately feel comfortable and at ease.”