Jeri Mae Rowley, the Saddle Maker's Daughter

Keynote: Life Lessons from the Saddle Shop

Saddle Maker's Daughter shares precious lessons learned growing up as third generation of her family's Idaho saddle shop. Attitude of ...
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Jeri Mae Rowley Stress Buster Seminar

Stress-Buster “Gift” Video

Laughter-filled Stress-Buster seminar. Latest in Stress Research; Tips and Tools for Stress Recovery that a) works for you b) works ...
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Ray Holes Saddle Company

Saddle Shop Stories

Jeri Mae gets asked to come back again and again to share "even more" stories from the saddle shop. Here's ...
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Emotional Intelligence Webinar Promo

Jeri Mae has presented interactive Emotional Intelligence Webinars for associations and businesses. Attendees received this preview of the great information ...
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Saddle Up for Service

Is your organization committed to delighting customers and empowering employee? This Saddle Maker's Daughter shares core customer service lessons straight ...
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