Emotional Intelligence Webinar Promo

Jeri Mae has presented interactive Emotional Intelligence Webinars for associations and businesses. Attendees received this preview of the great information they would learn about boosting their Emotional Intelligence at Work.

ASPIRE Conference Coordinator

“Thanks once more for joining ASPIRE this month in Dillon, and for bringing the gift of endorphins! We have summarized the evaluations and I wanted to follow through and close the feedback loop. Both of your sessions were top-ranked for the whole conference, tied with the feel-good TRIO Luncheon.” Mica Slaven ASPIRE Conference Coordinator

Chinook Wireless

“Amazing! Your ability to get every employee to engage in the interactive sessions while learning the fundamental objectives of team building was just outstanding. Your energy and positive presentation was contagious. Employees understand the value of teamwork; they now support each other in their different roles and are able to maximize productivity.” Rosie Serna Vice …