Sterling Women Saddle Up

Sterling Women has hosted monthly luncheons for business women for ten years.  That’s 120 speakers!   Jeri Mae is one of the best speakers we have ever had at Sterling Women. Not only is Jeri Mae a great speaker, she is very organized and easy to do business with! Jeri Mae is probably the most professional …

Keynote: Life Lessons from the Saddle Shop

Jeri Mae Rowley, the Saddle Maker's Daughter

Saddle Maker’s Daughter shares precious lessons learned growing up as third generation of her family’s Idaho saddle shop. Attitude of Gratitude; Friendly Competition; Be Legendary; Expect Respect.

Saddle Up for Service

Is your organization committed to delighting customers and empowering employee? This Saddle Maker’s Daughter shares core customer service lessons straight from the Saddle Shop.

Emmy Award Winning Speaker

Jan Fox

If you hire Jeri Mae Rowley for your conference, your participants will thank you profusely. She is a very Funny Story Teller!  Each story making an important business point; all the while making conference attendees laugh out loud over and over. Her stories from her life, as a saddle maker’s daughter, will inspire your members …

Hill City, South Dakota

“She was very expressive and fun. I’m a counselor and she’s as good as a year of therapy!” Kristin Standard Counselor Hill City, South Dakota

North Carolina Department of Commerce Division of Tourism

“The conference attendees left your session laughing, smiling and singing your praises. The sponsor of your session was extremely excited that her company had its name associated with ‘Taking Stress by the Horns.’” John D. Beatty III North Carolina Department of Commerce Division of Tourism

Convention Chair

“Dear Jeri Mae: Right from the start you captured their attention and never lost it. I heard compliment after compliment from attendees of how much they loved your presentation. And not only that, but they learned something new and in a way that was enjoyable to them. You knocked their socks off, Jeri Mae. I …

Youth With A Mission, Montana

“Jeri Mae has the ability to create an atmosphere in her classroom where everyone can and wants to learn. All the classes we have taken from her have not only been enjoyable learning experiences but have inspired growth.” Dawn Masucci Programs Director Youth With A Mission, Montana