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Jun 21 2016

Change is Great…. if Leaders GO First!

As leaders, we hold the key to successful change in the palm of our hand… especially if we happen to be holding a mirror.   LEADING CHANGE:  Over 150 years apart, two stories remind us of leadership’s unique role in making changes. CHANGE 2016 Center for Disease Control (CDC) article noted in the United States, […]

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Mar 16 2016

Mending Fences

Popes, politicians, powerful executives, professional athletes…you and me. All human beings need to learn what it takes to offer to others the “most graceful and profound of all human exchanges…” a true apology.

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Mar 09 2014

The Happiness Advantage

What if you could improve your productivity by 30% without sacrificing happiness? We’ve been told that if you  have a good work ethic and work really hard,  you can be successful and then you will be happy.   New discoveries in psychology say this formula is backwards. If you reverse the order of the formula, you […]

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May 17 2013

Hats off to YOU!

HAT-CHECK When I asked coworkers to brainstorm a list of their hats, responses came in torrent: spouse, parent, child, sibling, friend, employee, supervisor, coworker, church member, community volunteer, neighbor, citizen, sports fan, club member, family nurse, chauffeur, cook laundress, housekeeper, bookkeeper, and peacemaker… Sound familiar? Inventorying the hats in our lifestyle wardrobe is enlightening—especially when combined […]

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Apr 13 2013

Complaints are GIFTS!

THANK YOU! Thank customers who complain; their complaint is truly a “gift.” It’s easier to see complaints as gifts by considering what could have happened: • The customer doesn’t complain but takes their business to your completion. • The customer talks to coworkers, family and friends about your business. • Posts their complaint on the […]

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Jan 24 2013

Bowling Alone

Democracy in America 1830 When the author of Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville, visited the United States in the 1830s, he was most impressed by America’s many, active civic organizations. The fact that Americans were joiners, Tocqueville said, was the key to the new nation’s unprecedented ability to make democracy work: “Americans of all […]

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Dec 25 2010

On My Mind: Ho Ho Ho for Your Health

Improve your personal health—and the health of your organization—by finding opportunities to experience lots of “Ho, Ho, Ho” on the job.

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Feb 17 2010

Hats Off To You!

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On my mind lately are the many “hats” we wear. Taking an inventory of the hats in our lifestyle wardrobe is really enlightening—especially when we combine our hat inventory with an actual headcount. On your 100th birthday, are there any hats you would regret not having worn more often? Are there unimportant hats that are taking the place of the ones that really matter most to you?

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