Banking and Finance

"Jeri Mae's art of storytelling keeps audiences tuned to the information and message she shares in her seminars. She's energetic, lively, and just plain fun. She brings a variety of participation activities that engages her audiences and enhances their learning."

Roberta J. Smith
McGeeSmith Training and Consulting

"What a wonderful addition to have you join us for our final Leadership Great Falls session! Everyone really enjoyed your exercises and presentation. We’re looking forward to your additions to the 26th Program year!"

Erin Townsend
Assistant Vice President
Stockman Bank

Chamber of Commerce

"I believe your background has a tremendous impact it on your ability to relate to people. Your experiences of being raised in a successful, family-owned and operated business, the challenges you faced, the values you learned, and the interpersonal skills acquired, come across in a such a genuine, sincere, forthcoming, and experienced manner that makes others immediately feel comfortable and at ease. Thank you for sharing talents with us and others."

Peggy Woolridge
Executive Director
Huron, South Dakota Chamber of Commerce

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"Amazing! Your ability to get every employee to engage in the interactive sessions while learning the fundamental objectives of team building was just outstanding. Your energy and positive presentation was contagious. Employees understand the value of teamwork; they now support each other in their different roles and are able to maximize productivity."

Rosie Serna
Vice President of Customer Service
Chinook Wireless

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"Thanks once more for joining ASPIRE this month in Dillon, and for bringing the gift of endorphins! We have summarized the evaluations and I wanted to follow through and close the feedback loop. Both of your sessions were top-ranked for the whole conference, tied with the feel-good TRIO Luncheon."

Mica Slaven
ASPIRE Conference Coordinator

"We heard many positive comments from those who attended. They appreciated your extensive preparation, motivational delivery, and the message of citizen service and stress management that you shared."

Brent M. Thorne, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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"I wanted to compliment you on a job well done with your stress-buster presentation. I had four administrative professionals attend and each one of them came back with a smile on her face, an uplifted spirit, and a direction to follow. Our office had been experiencing some prolonged turmoil and your words of wisdom were just what they needed to relight their fires. Thank you and keep up the good work!"

Deborah Jenkins
Great Falls Development Authority, Inc.

"I need to extend my personal thank you for an enlightening morning yesterday. I attended the Chamber of Commerce-sponsored seminar you led. I am currently going through a major change in my life, and it was as if you were speaking just to me. Thank you for giving me many ideas and tools to use in my life. I walked away with a new attitude, a positive view of my future and revitalized energy. Thank you."

Stress Buster Participant

"Geez! You were great. Everyone just raved about the session and you hit the mark with your research and message."

Jane Webber
U.S. Forest Service
Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center

"Thank you for your presentation on ‘Effecting Change.’ You are a brilliant speaker and your message was valuable for personal as well as professional life! Thank you for all you do for our great community."

Leadership Great Falls, 2005
Chamber of Commerce

"From our first discussion in May until your presentation to the Prairie Zone Project Leaders meeting on August 12, 2009, I was impressed by the process you used to prepare for the meeting in Minot, ND. You took the time to conduct conference calls with several managers and also built a survey that all meeting attendees completed. All of this information was used to build your "Emotional Intelligence at Work" presentation into a useful and meaningful discussion with my colleagues."

Harris J. Hoistad
Project Leader
US Fish And Wildlife

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"Jeri Mae: Thank you for an engaging, thought provoking presentation of “Citizen Conflict and Complaints” to the Utah County Treasurers at our 2009 State Convention. It was great to have a speaker who provided a full menu of topics for us to choose from. We were able to select a presentation that had information we could use, and had never been offered before. And then, you took the topic and customized it just for us. You also surveyed all of us in advance of your presentation. Another repeated comment from participants was how much they appreciated your knowledge of what we do, what our unique challenges are, and specific ideas for us to apply. They felt you “really understand us.” Your handouts were “keepers” and your audio visuals added to your message, and the prizes were fun (I still have mine on my desk.)"

Cheryl Buchanan
Sevier County Treasurer
Sevier County

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Human Resources

"Our half-day conference was a success, thanks to your skill as a professional speaker and presenter. Your presentation was lively and humorous—you give us tangible tools we could use in our work as HR professionals and business owners and managers. Here are a handful of comments attendees provided: • Excellent presenter; great interaction, great material • I love your energy and how you always keep everyone involved. • Haven't had a marketing class in 20 years. The application to HR was awesome!"

Denise Grabowski
Vice President of Programs
Flathead Valley SHRM


"They thought you were wonderful as a person, energizing as a trainer, and that you presented complex information in an engaging and memorable way. Needless to say, you made a lasting impression. We consistently use some of the phrases we gained and embraced during your seminars. Jeri Mae, I enjoyed working with you. You are caring and reliable. When you said you'd do something: "I'll call you…” "I'll send you...” "I'll do this by..." YOU DID IT as promised. This is an admirable trait. Thanks for being an active, positive part of my life while I am learning to become a more efficient and positive director."

Patti Barton RN
Director, Medical/Surgical/Pediatric Department
Northern Montana Hospital

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"Jeri Mae has the ability to create an atmosphere in her classroom where everyone can and wants to learn. All the classes we have taken from her have not only been enjoyable learning experiences but have inspired growth."

Dawn Masucci
Programs Director
Youth With A Mission, Montana

"Dear Jeri Mae: Right from the start you captured their attention and never lost it. I heard compliment after compliment from attendees of how much they loved your presentation. And not only that, but they learned something new and in a way that was enjoyable to them. You knocked their socks off, Jeri Mae. I heard many say that out of all of the convention speakers they have ever heard, you were the best."

Kirsten Weber
Convention Chairman


"The conference attendees left your session laughing, smiling and singing your praises. The sponsor of your session was extremely excited that her company had its name associated with 'Taking Stress by the Horns.'"

John D. Beatty III
North Carolina Department of Commerce
Division of Tourism

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"She was very expressive and fun. I'm a counselor and she's as good as a year of therapy!"

Kristin Standard
Hill City, South Dakota