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Jeri Mae Rowley delights her audience with her unique sense of humor and audience interaction. She’s been described as “engaging,” “funny,” “motivating,” and “so knowledgeable.”

Most Popular Keynotes

Hats Off to You! Stress Buster “Gift”

Looking for a “gift” to give your hard-working participants? If they are stressed out, your participants will truly appreciate this laughter-filled, stress-busting presentation.  Jeri Mae’s customized stress-buster keynote is a great way to kick off a conference.  Or, end your event on a high note like the North Carolina Conference “Bullish on Tourism” did.  Here’s what the organizer had to say:

“The conference attendees left your session laughing, smiling and singing your praises.  The sponsor of your session was extremely excited that her company had its name associated with Taking Stress by the Horns.”

Saddle Up for Service

Saddle up for a laughter-filled presentation that is part customer service seminar, part pep rally, and part cattle drive!  Enjoy “campfire tales” about the precious customer service lessons Jeri Mae learned as third generation of her family’s world-famous Idaho saddle making business.

Jeri Mae has taken her unique brand of  Western Wit and Wisdom for the Workplace ™ on the road, presenting at state, national, and international conferences in sixteen states, Canada, and the US Virgin Islands.


As a trainer, Jeri Mae shares practical ideas for leadership, entrepreneurship, training, customer service, communications, and personal growth. You’ll benefit from Jeri Mae’s 20+ years as a master trainer. Each seminar will be customized to fit the unique training needs of your organization.


Facilitation means “to make easier.” As a facilitator, Jeri Mae will help guide your group to function effectively, make high-quality decisions, and support cooperation. Her experience in meeting design and facilitating group process will make it easier for your group to reach its agreed objectives.